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Mary Miscisin, M.S.

  • Personality Specialist
  • Wellness Expert
  • Inspirational Speaker
  • 4th Grade Short Story Champion


How do we bring out the best in each other instead of driving each other crazy? That is the power of knowing your personality.

– Mary Miscisin

Mary is one of the most dynamic speakers that I’ve ever seen. She’s lively, she’s entertaining but most of all she’s educational. Quite often you have speakers that make you laugh but a week later you can’t remember what they talked about. Mary’s workshop provides priceless nuggets of information that you can use to improve yourself in both the workplace and at home. There’s definitely something about Mary.”

-Baldev Johal, California Association of School Business Officials

Mary Miscisin helps participants feel VALUED, VALIDATED, and UNDERSTOOD.

As a sought after presenter, Mary Miscisin has inspired audiences and organizations from around the world. She is best known for her fascinating programs, high energy, and positively engaging style that makes learning easy and fun.

Her background in health and wellness education, from her Masters degree—combining psychology, communication and health education—to University instructor, certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics and over 30 years of facilitating employee wellness programs provides a wealth of experience from which she draws upon to design and validate a variety of methods she employs during her seminars.

Mary’s latest book Personality Lingo (an update to her classic work Showing Our True Colors) is used by a wide range of organizations from Disney to the U.S Armed Forces! Her work has been translated into several languages and featured in magazines, radio shows, and on public television. Click Here to watch Mary in action as the host of the PBS Special, Get Curious, Not Furious- Communicating Your True Colors.

What began as a commitment to helping individuals improve their health and wellness has evolved into a passion for assisting individuals to succeed at work, in relationships, and throughout other areas of their lives. Mary has been called on by organizations as far ranging as local school districts and government agencies to Fortune 500 companies when they have wanted to accelerate staff creativity, collaboration, communication, and personal excellence.

Stay up to date with the second edition of her book, now titled, Personality Lingo