What clients are saying about Mary Miscisin

Mary’s seminar showed us things about each other that had been right in front of us for years. It took her dynamic presentation to get us to recognize the obvious and show us how to better deal with each other in our daily lives.
– John Markey, California Association of Highway Patrol

Mary Miscisin gave the most energetic, dynamic presentation I’ve been to in a long time … It was fun, interactive, and useful. She presented for 2 1/2 hours and people were begging her to keep going!”
-Lesley Szarka, National Eligibility Workers Association Sacramento Chapter

Getting a roomful of quantitatively-oriented financial advisors to sit and listen to a discussion on psychological type is a tall order. With her effervescent personality, infectious energy and comedic delivery, Mary Miscisin not only had them listening but laughing and eagerly participating in group exercises. Her fun, fast-paced and upbeat presentation won several hundred hearts and top marks at our conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico!
-Doug Heimforth, National Association of Personal Financial Advisors

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Thank you Mary Miscisin for bringing your energetic and enthusiastic message “Caught Between a Rock and the Workplace” to our team. The expectations were high, since most of our team previously experienced your delightful “Colors” presentation. You hit a home run! I have received countless positive comments all week about the multiple ways that your message has immediately impacted various colleagues to look at both their professional and personal lives with a new lens. You are a breath of fresh air and it is always a delight to work with you.
–Anne Mallory (Superintendent of Schools), Imperial County Unified School District

Mary’s energetic, interactive style very quickly captured the attention of our large audience. She made us think, laugh and reflect with her insightful comments, questions and experiences. There was an immediate positive effect carried over throughout the balance of the conference noticeable in the comments and behavior of the participants. We enthusiastically recommend Mary and will look for another opportunity to utilize her talents.
– Vicki Streeter, Nevada Association of Counties

Ms. Miscisin’s high energy presentation was instrumental in making our conference successful.”…fast paced, informative and humorous…”, “She was one of the best speakers I’ve heard”, “She gave us information we put to use immediately.”
-Michael Peart (’97 Conference Chair), International Personnel Management Assoc. Sacramento Mother Load Chapter

Mary has conducted a series of stress management classes for us over the past few months … It’s been great to see it’s usefulness continue over time … Attitudes have taken a positive shift, communication and work relationships have improved and potentially stressful situations are handled with more composure … I find myself recommending her to everyone!”
-Shawn West (Safety Specialist), Sacramento County Department of Employee Relations

Your programs have helped people deal with the unforeseen challenges brought upon by change. Not only have your programs provided “instant relief” to the pressures of change in the workplace, you have been very effective in providing tools and techniques we can take back to our desks immediately. There is evidence all over this building of your impact on people.”
-Sandy Masters, CPCU, CPIW Learning Development CalFarm Insurance Company

Interesting, informative and enthusiastic presentation… Stress management is so important in the life of a school bus driver, and you addressed their needs very well…to please them is a real plus!”
– Claudia Sherril (Transportation Director), Elk Grove Unified School District

I just wanted to say thanks for hosting your workshop at our store. It was a pleasure working with you and I appreciated your friendliness and flexibility. As you may know, your presentation and book signing was a hit with our employees and customers alike. The helpful information and your dynamic presentation were just the mix to keep the audience interested and involved. Your genuine enthusiasm was truly contagious! Our employees took the information you handed out during the workshop and shared it with the other booksellers while on their breaks. They are still talking about what a great job you did! I look forward to having you back in the store and having the opportunity to work with you again in the future.
Missy DuBois (Community Relations Manager), Barnes & Noble, Sacramento

What a super, babolicious, spectacular, eye poppin’, tap dancin’, flicked our bic presentation, Miss Mary. Thanks so very, very much for a fun, informative morning.
– Carol Campbell, Folsom Cordova Unified School District

Mary is a popular speaker at our events, we eagerly ask her back year after year. Her fun, interactive style keeps the audience awake and interested.”
– Barbara Smith, California Association of School Business Officials

This is a formal thank you on behalf of the BAAPT Board and all the members of our organization … The True Colors presentation was ‘over the top’! You are truly FANTASTIC. Many of our members spend much of their time in the very serious pursuit of MBTI education. You were the perfect holiday gift as you showed with humor, truth, and charisma, a way to look at Type through temperament theory. You opened many eyes even to those highly experienced with Type. Folks left laughing and nodding with the recognition of what they learned …
– Gina Snyder – Bay Area Association of Psychological Type

I want to express my sincere thank you for providing the workshop on Stress Management at our Administrators’ Retreat … The feed back from the participants was extremely complimentary. Many felt that it was the best session on stress management that they ever attended. I can understand their feelings because I had the pleasure of attending your workshop. You are a true professional.
– Charles K. Miura (Deputy Superintendent – Adult Education/Alternative Programs), Sacramento City Unified School District

This letter is to express our appreciation for your “outrageous” presentations to our groups … As you are aware, our job of serving food to children so they can be ready to learn is extremely important. Your contagious enthusiasm modeled the attitude we would like to see shown to the students we serve. Numerous staff complimented your presentation and stated that its usefulness would continue over time. In fact, on Tuesday, today, we met with the group again. In the morning when I asked, “How are you?” the response was overwhelmingly “GREAT!” What a pleasure it was to be the recipient of our attitude shift. Every group should see/hear your presentation. I would not hesitate to recommend you to any group.
Thank you again for your humorous delivery and important information.
– Lisa A. McGregor, Sacramento City Unified School District

I would like to thank you for a fantastic presentation … Your topics of Attitude and Stress fit into our work life as well as our daily life. The enthusiasm and energy you displayed kept our employees attentive along with your use of handouts, overhead projections, personal experience and audience participation … Outstanding!
– Pamela A. Zanze, Folsom Cordova Unified School District

Your Stress Management workshop was great! I heard more positive feedback from that workshop than any I can remember in the recent past. Employees listened, laughed and participated. You gave us a lot of tips for stress management in a way that was fun and enjoyable to listen to … Your style of teaching is very unintimidating and they felt comfortable asking questions and giving input when asked.
– Zan Wimberly (Director – Food Services), Woodland Joint Unified School District

Your presentation was a great success. Every evaluation told me that your presentation was outstanding and that you were terrific … You are greatly appreciated by the staff at Folsom Cordova. You did make a difference!
– Sheila Beauchamp (Director – Classified Personnel), Folsom Cordova Unified School District

I had wanted to let you know, when I came in to my office on Wednesday morning, I had voice mail praising all of our presenters. But you were, by far, the most highly praised. Employees spoke of your “energy,” “humor,” and “excellent speaking abilities.”
– Lori Pena-Juarez, Sacramento City Unified School District

Your program, “Alter Your Life by Your Attitude” not only held the audiences’ attention, but had them laughing at themselves and in the process had them thinking of new ways to deal with everyday problems … You always give us such wonderful information in such an enjoyable package. It may be the way in which you present it or, and I believe this to be the real reason, it’s because you care about us.
– Linda K. Wilson (Vice President-Chapter 6), California Association of School Transportation Officials

True Colors has been one of the most valuable services that I have gone to. In fact, I have gone to several sessions and have learned something new each time! The insights that I have now, from understanding how and why people view the same situation differently, are invaluable. Understanding WHY people act or respond the way they do enables us as managers to work with our staff in a way that works for THEM which results in ALL of us being successful. What I have learned has carried over into my private life as well. My husband and I are totally different “colors” with totally different ways of listening and reacting to situations – our marriage is wonderful, and hopefully now with a better understanding of each other, the next 32 years will be a little easier.
– Sue Allen, El Dorado County Office of Education

Mary Miscisins’ workshop on True Colors is an important resource for trainers, managers, human resource specialists and anyone tasked with preparing and presenting information to one or one hundred people. This fun and interactive workshop demonstrates, with crystal clarity, the importance of understanding the different learning styles of your listening audience. Her lively, and energetic presentation had a positive and lasting effect on how I prepare my training and oral presentations.
– Nancy Woods (owner), Transtec Consulting Group

I recently attended one of Mary Miscisin’s True Colors workshops and was totally captivated by Mary’s ability to quickly bond with the audience and translate theory to practice into an interactive, engaging, and fun learning format. She has the special ability to take over 50 years of validated MBTI and other research and make them instantly practical and applicable to the workplace as well as one’s personal life. Having been a researcher, author, and practitioner in the areas of individual and organizational development for over 15 years, I can honestly say that Mary definitely knows her stuff!”
– Dr. Dan Strakal (Founder),The Seven Sides Institute