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Transform Relationships, Improve Communication, and Reduce Stress!

Mary Miscisin, author of Personality Lingo (an updated edition of Showing Our True Colors), offers a wide variety of presentations covering wellness, personality, communication styles, stress management, attitude, and more. Click on each of the links below to learn more about these outstanding presentations by Mary Miscisin.

Alter Your Life by Your Attitude

Your attitude affects everything you say, do and experience. It can mean the difference between feeling drained and frustrated or energized and motivated. This up-lifting, interactive presentation will boost your spirits and provide you with immediately useful ways to deal more effectively with everyday challenges, improve interactions with others and enhance the way you embrace life. Why feel just “fine” when you can feel FANTASTIC!

Caught Between a Rock and a Workplace

Whether you are thriving at work and enjoy your job, or barely surviving and frustrated (or somewhere in between), there will always be a few rocks in your path, maybe even boulders! Instead of wishing they didn’t exist, learn to adjust your shock absorbers and realign your steering. So instead of spinning your wheels—stuck in a ditch of frustration, you can focus your energy towards more positive results. This upbeat, entertaining workshop provides immediately useful ways to deal more effectively with everyday challenges wherever your road may lead.

Dealing With Conflict

Experience the misconceptions involved in most conflicts, first-hand, in this lively, fun-filled presentation. Discover ways to get a grip on your emotions as well as how to respond effectively to others’ anger and accusations. Learn how to constructively manage conflict to improve relationships, open lines of communication and promote positive changes. Get to the root of the problem instead of just dealing with the symptoms.

Positively Effective Communication

As we well know, communication is far more than the words we speak. This insightful and intriguing workshop provides the participants with positive, immediately useful techniques that will make a dramatic shift in the way they interact with others. Gain cooperation and respect, cut down on friction, and accomplish what you want from your communication. Prepare to be absolutely amazed at the results.

Look Who’s Talking! – Listening When You Might not Feel Like it

Ever received some feedback and felt picked on or devalued by the delivery? How open are you to really listening and receiving the gift of feedback even if it’s not packaged as pretty as you’d like? This thought-provoking, laugh-inducing, participatory session will increase your comfort level in considering the input of others. Practice giving and receiving feedback in playful, non-threatening ways so when it’s your turn to listen, you’ll recognize the contributions even when they may be buried by what seems like condemnation. Open up a whole new world of possibilities by extracting the value in feedback to enhance your relationships, well-being, and personal effectiveness.

A Serious Look at Stress – Laughing All the Way

Experience the instant relief that laughter brings as you examine your own unique stress triggers. Learn to recognize the things you can change and how to cope with the things you simply cannot change. This workshop goes beyond theory and puts into practice methods developed for modifying how you currently react in certain circumstances. It will help the participant pinpoint problem areas, evaluate alternatives and take action to relieve stress now!

Personality Presentations

Using the Power of Personality to Understand Yourself and Others

Each of us has our own style, preferences and ways operating—so how can we all work together? Learn a fun and easy-to-use method for gaining insights into why people behave as they do. This interactive, fun-filled workshop helps you bring relationships to a whole new level as you express your own uniqueness and increase your understanding of others. Learn how to turn irritation into appreciation and conflict into cooperation by opening up lines of communication, embracing differences and bringing out the best in everyone!

Communication Skill Building with Personality

This interactive workshop goes beyond the basics of Personality Styles and takes a closer look at various communication approaches and personality temperament patterns. Explore your preferred methods of communication and gain insights into the pet peeves and preferences of others so you can enhance interactions, reduce miscommunication and preserve your self-esteem. Recognize what you can do to clearly get your message across in a mutually beneficial way.

Navigating Stress

Participants will take on the role of explorers, investigating their own unique stressors and recognizing the inherent connections between stress and personality. They will be discovering the territory of their unique stress maps and comparing them to the maps of the other styles. Once they have mapped out the stressors, behaviors, what helps and hinders, they will share tips with the other groups for how they can best help each other manage stress.

Get Curious, Not Furious – A Diverse Approach to Customer Service

Difficult people can bring out the worst in anyone. Whether you work independently or you constantly interface with others, you’re sure to encounter challenging situations and people. How do you maintain your composure and professionalism even when others don’t?
Learn to get curious instead of furious! There is no one-size-fits-all approach to customer service. What’s considered helpful by some, may actually upset others. It’s important to tune in to people where they are (yes, especially the difficult ones) and genuinely listen to their concerns. Learn how to bring out the best in others. Understand the small actions that can make a big difference in making someone’s day to ensure they walk away feeling better instead of worse!

A Personality Approach to Wellness

Work demands, home responsibilities, and life in general can pack our schedule with a lot of “have-tos” and “gotta-get-dones” to the sacrifice of our health and well being. Exercising, eating nutritiously, and getting enough sleep are just a few of the health habits that can be pushed to the back burner. The Personality Temperament model holds the key to unlocking our health and well-being challenges by helping us identify our intrinsic motivators, strengths, and barriers to success. Once you know how you are wired, you can tap into the power of your personality to achieve the health goals you desire and deserve.

Teambuilding with Personality: Mission Possible

Imagine your team is killing it. Everything is running smoothly until … priorities shift, politics creep in, co-workers meltdown, and everything comes to a grinding halt. What can you do to turn it all around? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to honor the various personality styles on your team. When we feel understood, we’re motivated to give our best! This fun-filled, interactive session facilitates cooperation, collaboration, and appreciation with activities that build upon the basic personality style concepts. Each personality style approaches teamwork in their own way. When you’re aware of the positive intentions of others’ actions, the values they hold, and the strengths the contribute, you’re better equipped to bring out the best in your team.

Fostering Synergy by Honoring Diversity

There is no right way to accomplish a task. Maybe there’s a quicker way, a more logical way, a more reliable way, or even a nicer way— and no doubt you have a preferable way. But do yourself a favor and let go of the idea that there’s a right way. We each have certain strengths, skills and approaches we express through our personality style. This next-level program helps you honor each others’ strengths and recognize the various talents of each style in order to blend your skills, bridge each other’s gaps, and negotiate disagreements. When you combine your best efforts with the best efforts of others, something truly magical happens … that’s synergy.

Can’t Get No Satisfaction – Preventing Burnout

It’s Monday morning and your alarm goes off… are you feeling anxious, frazzled, or just plain OVER IT? You don’t need a new job, you need a new perspective! The key to getting satisfaction at work is knowing what makes you tick. You have a blend of idiosyncrasies that make you YOU, but you also have identifiable traits that fall into well-understood personality styles. Understanding and honoring your personality style is one of the best ways to maintain fulfillment and prevent burnout. All it takes is a bit of creativity or a simple strategy, and, of course, you gotta put YOU back at the top of your priority list!

Made to Order

All of the presentations offered by Mary are tailored for time, pace and content to fit the needs of each organization. This option takes it a step further. Whether you have a particular topic in mind that combines elements of other presentations, or perhaps unique challenges you would like addressed specifically, this selection provides you the opportunity to choose the individual components that are essential to meeting your distinctive needs and have a presentation custom designed for your group.