A Serious Look at Stress – Laughing All the Way – Mary Miscisin


Experience the instant relief that laughter brings as you examine your own unique stress triggers. Learn to recognize the things you can change and how to cope with the things you simply cannot change.

This workshop goes beyond theory and puts into practice methods developed for modifying how you currently react in certain circumstances.

It will help you pinpoint problem areas, evaluate alternatives and take action to relieve stress now!

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  • Explore your own stressors and consider how you currently react.
  • Recognize the role your perception plays in creating or compounding stress.
  • Discover how small changes in the way you view circumstances can influence your actions- as well as others’ perceptions and reactions towards you.
  • Become aware of the effects of self-limiting beliefs and inner self-talk on daily life and learn how to access more resourceful states in times of stress.
  • Create an action plan for relieving your particular unwanted stress and feel renewed and inspired to spend your energy in areas that count for you.



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Program Level

  • Beginner to intermediate
  • Anyone interested in learning ways manage their own stressors more effectively
  • Those individuals wishing to gain skills for teaching stress management to others


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Program Format

  • This is designed to be a 3-hour presentation
  • Other time formats are available, up to three hours
  • Other time formats are available, ranging from 90 minutes to a full day
  • The 3-hour format contains relaxation and visualization activities


When you laugh, all kinds of wonderful things happen to benefit your body and mind. Endorphins are released in your brain which give you a “natural high” and you respiratory system gets the kind of work-out that it may get from jogging.

– Andrew Matthews

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