Can’t Get No Satisfaction-Preventing Burnout

Can’t Get No Satisfaction – Preventing Burnout – Mary Miscisin


It’s Monday morning and your alarm goes off… are you feeling anxious, frazzled, or just plain OVER IT? You don’t need a new job, you need a new perspective!

The key to getting satisfaction at work is knowing what makes you tick.

You have a blend of idiosyncrasies that make you YOU, but you also have identifiable traits that fall into well-understood personality styles. Understanding and honoring your personality style is one of the best ways to maintain fulfillment and prevent burnout. All it takes is a bit of creativity or a simple strategy, and, of course, you gotta put YOU back at the top of your priority list!


  • Discover your own personality style lineup to activate your strengths and reduce stress.
  • Make a difference in your quality of life and those around you by exploring your current stress patterns and coping strategies.
  • Take part in activities that renovate faulty coping behaviors and provide immediate stress relief.
  • Get curious about potential blocks to your success (hint: these are also often your greatest strengths).
  • Plan ahead by naming your true joys (the things that fuel you) so you can incorporate them into your day.
  • Prioritize yourself and put more fun into each day to renew your energy, decrease anxiety, and get more satisfaction.

Program Level

  • Intermediate to advanced
  • This session builds upon Personality Lingo concepts learned in a basic personality education training program
  • If participants have not already had the basic training in Personality Lingo, additional elements will be added to this training

Program Format

  • This is designed to be a 3-hour presentation
  • Other time formats are available, ranging from 90 minutes to a full day
  • Group discussions and individual activities are involved

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