Fostering Synergy by Honoring Diversity – Mary Miscisin

Fostering Synergy by Honoring Diversity - by Mary Miscisin

There is no right way to accomplish a task. Maybe there’s a quicker way, a more logical way, a more reliable way, or even a nicer way— and no doubt you have a preferable way. But do yourself a favor and let go of the idea that there’s a right way.

We each have certain strengths, skills and approaches we express through our personality style. This next-level program helps you honor each others’ strengths and recognize the various talents of each style in order to blend your skills, bridge each other’s gaps, and negotiate disagreements.

When you combine your best efforts with the best efforts of others, something truly magical happens … that’s synergy.

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  • Understand the dynamics of synergy and how honoring differences can create greater results.
  • Identify the strengths of each personality style and discover what they have in common, how they compliment each other, and where there’s potential for friction.
  • Recognize that conflicts arise when there’s a perceived values violation, and investigate ways to improve existing relationships using learned methods.
  • Reframe perceptions and empathize with your teammates to generate cooperation, and learn how to welcome each other’s influence to find better solutions.
  • Recommit to working toward your common goal and share the rewards of a job well done.


It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.

– Audre Lorde

Honoring Diversity by Mary Miscisin

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Program Level

  • Intermediate to advanced
  • This session builds upon concepts learned in the Basic Training in Personality Lingo workshop
  • Intact working groups or teams
  • Applicable to work & life in general


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Program Format

  • This is designed to be a 3-hour presentation minimum
  • Other time formats are available, up to two full days
  • Participatory activities are used throughout for high audience involvement

Note: This session works best with small audience sizes of 40-60 maximum.

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