Navigating Stress with Personality – Mary Miscisin


Participants will take on the role of explorers, investigating their own unique stressors and recognizing the inherent connections between stress and personality.

They will be discovering the territory of their unique stress maps and comparing them to the maps of the other styles.

Once they have mapped out the stressors, behaviors, what helps and hinders, they will share tips with the other groups for how they can best help each other manage stress.

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  • Recognize the connection between personality and stress.
  • Identify your personality stress patterns and those of other styles.
  • Explore your current stress management strategies and find out if they are adding to, or robbing from your quality of life.
  • Provide tips for others to use when interacting with you in stressful situations.
  • Understand what you can do to enhance interactions with other styles when they are stressed.



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Program Level

  • Intermediate to advanced
  • This session builds upon concepts learned in Basic Training in Personality Lingo
  • Anyone interested in learning ways manage their own stressors more effectively
  • Those individuals wishing to gain skills for teaching stress management to others


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Program Format

  • This is designed to be a 3-hour presentation
  • Other time formats are available, up to three hours
  • Other time formats are available, ranging from 90 minutes to a full day
  • The 3-hour format contains relaxation and visualization activities


The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.

– William James

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