Teambuilding with Personality: Mission Possible – Mary Miscisin


Imagine your team is killing it. Everything is running smoothly until … priorities shift, politics creep in, co-workers meltdown, and everything comes to a grinding halt. What can you do to turn it all around?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to honor the various personality styles on your team.

When we feel understood, we’re motivated to give our best! This fun-filled, interactive session facilitates cooperation, collaboration, and appreciation with activities that build upon the basic personality style concepts. Each personality style approaches teamwork in their own way. When you’re aware of the positive intentions of others’ actions, the values they hold, and the strengths the contribute, you’re better equipped to bring out the best in your team.

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  • Learn the paths to success (and potential pitfalls) for the four personality styles, and identify the ways each one approaches teamwork.
  • Make sense of your own personality style quirks and the challenges it can present on a team.
  • Explore ways to boost enthusiasm for each personality style, recognizing that feeling understood and appreciated fosters open communication, trust, and commitment.
  • Acknowledge that conflicts arise when there’s a perceived values violation (what other styles find important may not be important to you).
  • Reconfirm that while being on a team has plenty of challenges, working with others produces results you could never achieve on your own.



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Program Level


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Program Format

  • This is designed to be a 3-hour presentation
  • Other time formats are available, ranging from 90 minutes to a full day
  • Large and small group discussions and activities are involved


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