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How important is your attitude? Can it affect what you might do in a situation? How you might react or what you might say? Can it affect your mood or your thinking?

You may already realize the importance of your attitude and it’s influence on so many aspects of your life. So what can you do to make sure your attitude supports the experience you want to have?

We have all experienced a time in our lives when we did not like the way someone delivered a message to us or did not think the feedback given was valid. It could be for a variety of reasons. Perhaps we simply did not like the person giving the feedback because of prior experiences with them. Maybe we do like the person but we attached a meaning to their words, body language or message and therefore got our feeling hurt.

WARNING: In this bratty, sassy, and uniquely bold article by Mary Miscisin she “tells it like it is” with no holds barred. Not for the faint of heart – read at your own risk! This report contains information about the 5 most costly communication mistakes that each Personality Style makes. If you fail to recognize and adjust these bad habits, you can jeopardize your job, your relationships, and your reputation. Why risk it? Discover these tips today!

Situations that are stressful to one person may be exciting or motivating to another. How we react to and handle the stressors in our lives depends upon a lot of things; workload, time constraints, the people we interact with, our past experiences… and there is something more- our personality. There are inherent connections between stress and personality styles. Once we gain an awareness of these connections, we can use the insights to put our strengths to work for us (instead of against us) to improve our stress levels.

From everyday annoyances as small as a pebble in your shoe, to huge unexpected boulders in your path—situations occur and things happen that are beyond our direct physical control. If you find yourself in a negative spiral reaction that is sending you into a ditch of frustration, use this worksheet as a follow-up to a Rock and a Workplace workshop to shift the meaning you are attributing to the circumstance and refocus your thinking towards more positive results.