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Personality Lingo

Use the Power of Personality to Transform Relationships, Improve Communication and Reduce Stress

Personality Lingo is the update to Mary Miscisin’s classic book Showing Our True Colors. Revised, expanded and improved – terms have been updated, the information revised and elements added.

Training Kits by Mary Miscisin

Basic Personality Training

Personality Training Kit by Mary MiscisinCLICK for more information

Whether you are new to personality training or already have a favorite personality training system such as MBTI, True Colors, Keirsey Temperaments, What Color is Your Personality, the Color Code, Personality Dimensions, or Color Lingo, you will find the concepts in this personality training kit easy to use – and certification is not required!

Effective Communication

Communication Skill-Building Personality Training Kit by Mary MiscisinCLICK for more information

Communication challenges can drive people CRAZY! Think of the people you interact with throughout your day… Do you find that some are a pleasure to communicate with while others can be a pain? What you say and how you say it can make or break trust, morale, productivity and your organization’s bottom line.

Navigating Stress

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The connection between stress and personality styles is undeniable. This interactive training kit contains actual quotes, comments, and details provided by the styles over years of research. Participants will explore their own signs of stress, hinders, and helpers. Put the results of Mary Miscisin’s Personality Stress Survey to work for you!

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Looking for Showing Our True Colors?
First published in 2001 with several editions and translations throughout the years, Mary Miscisin’s classic personality book Showing Our True Colors has been revised to Personality Lingo
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